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Black Forest cosmetics

from our own production

In our Black Forest wellness hotel, we combine products from the region with naturalness, wholesomeness and good compatibility. How wonderful and beneficial that there are natural components that convey a sense of well-being at our Wellness Hotel Alpenblick in the Black Forest.

Our various and enthusiastically received product lines preferably contain regional raw materials such as spruce needle, elderflower or cherry blossom. Treat yourself to something good and make your beauty shine with this unique fragrance and pampering experience.

Spruce needle cosmetics

We pick the delicate green spruce shoots in the immediate vicinity with the authorisation of the forestry office. We produce a concentrate from this special scent, as the shoots are only available in June and we produce fresh cosmetics in small batches throughout the year in our factory. This is tested for ingredients by Fresenius. At Kokoderma, all skin compatibility tests are carried out by a dermatological institute without animal testing and are recorded in accordance with European guidelines. The active ingredients are: essential oils, vitamin C, pro vitamin A, bornyl acetate, pinene, limonene, linalool and cymol. This combination of active ingredients has an anti-inflammatory, circulation-promoting and astringent effect.


Elderflower cosmetics

The Black Forest elderflowers are harvested from the wild bushes in May and June, depending on the weather.  The essences are then produced in the Kokoderma laboratory. They are tested by Fresenius for ingredients and safety. The active ingredients in elderflower are Flavonoids, rutin, isoquercitrene, hyperoside, essential oil and various acids. Well-known healers of the past used an extract of elderflower as a remedy for skin problems. Cultural history tells us that the elder tree is a sacred tree and was revered in many cultures. Its aphrodisiac effect is due to its beguiling scent.

Apple blossom cosmetics

Only the best for silky-soft skin. Who wouldn't want radiant, nourished skin? The specifically harmonised components of apple blossom cosmetics are immediately absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft. We have developed this new cosmetics line for delicate apple blossom flavoured skin care and optimum moisturising. After using the individual care products, the skin immediately feels softer and smoother and looks fresher. Your skin literally drinks up the lotions, gels and creams. With these innovative, high-quality apple blossom cosmetics, you receive the purest ingredients that are subject to strict quality criteria. These selected ingredients help you to look better and feel particularly good. Give your skin a new sense of well-being and soft, nourished apple blossom skin!


BalanceSana® with lavender

What could be more pleasantly refreshing than lemon balm and lavender in cosmetics? BalanceSana® alkaline cosmetics in the pH range of 8.0 nourish the skin particularly intensively. The cold-pressed and organically grown jojoba oil is a great basis for a soft and well-nourished complexion. Lavender is well known and popular in herbal medicine. Lemon balm has many positive properties and can also be enjoyed as a tea. It grows very well here and can grow up to 120 cm tall. Our BalanceSana® products are suitable for all skin types. Lavender gives the creams a wonderfully relaxing fragrance and also has a calming effect on the skin.

Cherry blossom cosmetics

The Black Forest cherry blossoms are hand-picked at the foot of the Black Forest by an organic farm and then processed into concentrates. The cherry blossom exudes an intense fragrance that is also reminiscent of the almond scent of the kernel. The ingredients and compatibility are checked according to strict guidelines. At Kokoderma, all skin compatibility tests are carried out at a dermatological institute without animal testing and are recorded in accordance with European guidelines. The active ingredients are: secondary plant substances, so-called phytamines, which are a natural anti-ageing agent.


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