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Sustainable organic quality at the Hotel Alpenblick

Many things in the "organic" sector are not subjectively ascertainable, but require a neutrally awarded certificate. In order to give our guests the greatest possible security here, the Hotel Alpenblick has numerous certificates and has also entered into many co-operations with partners who, like us, focus on sustainability, transparency and genuine values.

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The cuisine at the Hotel Alpenblick is certified organic. When selecting food, we consistently ensure that it is organically grown and contains no flavour enhancers, preservatives, colourings or other E-substances. Meat is from species-appropriate husbandry, plant-based foods are not genetically modified and are from fair trade. We favour seasonal and, if possible, regional dishes; ready-made products have no place on the menu at the Hotel Alpenblick.

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IG Zöliakie is a recognised non-profit organisation serving people who have to follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons (including coeliac disease). The wide range of tasks are largely financed by membership fees.

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Qualification is achieved through a three-stage further training and certification programme that has been specially developed for professional hosts. Annual re-certification and review as well as updating of the action plan to ensure and improve service quality.

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At the heart of the Nature Park Hotels are the Nature Park hosts: their cuisine is characterised by the primary use of regional products. In this way, they help to secure the cultivation and preservation of those areas that a farmer could no longer operate economically as a sole source of income. Throughout the year, every nature park host offers at least three regional dishes and one regional menu, most of them offer products from the surrounding area - also a contribution to environmental and climate protection, as long transport routes are avoided. Numerous Nature Park innkeepers have also sustainably improved their environmental performance and optimised their environmental compatibility by participating in the EMAS training and certification process. Thanks to this exemplary cooperation in the areas of regionality, environmental protection, sustainability and quality, the "Nature Park Hotels" have established a brand that emphasises the innovative strength of the Southern Black Forest Nature Park.

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As a "Taste the South" caterer, we show our guests that we really do use regional dishes of the highest quality for our regional dishes.

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