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Sauna and relaxation areas

Your personal retreat

Taking a sauna contributes to your well-being in many ways. The skin is cleansed and cell regeneration is stimulated. In particular, the alternation of hot and cold through the cold water application after the sauna bath hardens and strengthens the body's defences. The heart and circulation are trained and blood flow is improved. Relax in our sauna area and feel the well-being after your sauna bath. In the Alpenblick Wellness Lounge, a variety of water, coffee, tea and fruit are available for you. In our relaxation areas you will also find your own personal favourite place to read, dream or simply unwind.


Opening hours

The entire wellness area is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm.

Children aged 8 and over have access to the pool area during Kidstime from 1 pm to 3 pm.

The saunas are hot from 2 pm to 8 pm. Teenagers aged 16 and over have access to the sauna area.


The relatively low temperature of 55° C to 60° C allows even blood pressure-sensitive people to enjoy a sauna. The different coloured light from the "starry sky" helps you to relax and feel good. The mild temperature means you can stay in the sauna for up to 30 minutes. Cool down after the Sanarium® and take a break in our relaxation room.


Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is a popular sweat bath and has a temperature of approx. 90° C. You can find the times for the sauna infusions in the current active wellness programme. Simply lean back, switch off and enjoy the wonderful feeling you get when you have cleansed your body and soul.


A warm foot bath before a sauna session ensures good circulation in the feet and dilates the blood vessels throughout the body. The sweat glands are activated and make you sweat faster. After the sauna, you first cool down in a cold shower. This cold stimulus causes the pores and blood vessels in the skin to contract. The final foot bath after the last sauna session expands these again, stimulates the blood circulation, equalises the temperature and thus prevents unpleasant "post-sweating".


Steam bath

Water vapour, which is heated to around 60 degrees and supplied from nozzles in a watertight room, moisturises the skin, activates the lymphatic system and has a positive effect on the respiratory tract and bronchial tubes. The body is gently detoxified. The hot steam also cleanses the skin by opening the pores. A high level of humidity is created in the steam bath, which makes the temperature feel very high.

Relaxation room with fireplace

Listen to the crackling of the open fire in the relaxation room of the Alpenblick SPA and enjoy the peace and quiet, wrapped up in your soft cosy blanket. Immerse yourself in a world of peace and relaxation.


Relaxation room

A spacious relaxation room with a connection to the wellness area awaits you on the ground floor of the suite house. Relax here after your sauna session without any background music and enjoy the view of the garden.

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