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Healthy nutrition in an organic hotel

Health week in the Black Forest

We specialise in vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free diets, as well as alkaline cuisine, diets for weight loss and soup fasting - take advantage of this expertise for your individual health week.

Ferdinand Thoma has been focussing on acid-base balance for many years. In addition to specialising in delicious dishes for food allergy sufferers, alkaline cuisine is a fundamental component of the Bio & Wellnesshotel Alpenblick. A balanced ratio of acids and bases in the body is the best prerequisite for a functioning metabolism. Nowadays, however, this ratio is usually no longer correct.

In addition to stress, incorrect or too little exercise, alcohol and electrosmog, it is above all our eating habits that jeopardise the balance: Too much animal protein, too many additives in food and too many dairy products upset every acid-alkaline balance. Enjoy an alkaline surplus diet at the Wellnesshotel Alpenblick. And if you want to bring your acid-base balance back into balance holistically, then we recommend the Acid-Base Balance Wellness Week - a kind of learning holiday to continue at home.

Do something good for yourself.


Fasting is the best way to give your metabolism the rest it needs these days. Pure detoxification.

A week of fun, exercise and lectures. Plus our freshly made Alpenblick organic soups. Feel reborn after a week, full of vigour and good ideas for your everyday life.

Diet plays a fundamental role in weight loss. We do not emphasise diets that cause deprivation and ultimately only lead to the yo-yo effect and further weight gain. During our weight loss week in the Black Forest, you will be given sufficient quantities to prevent hunger pangs.

However, we avoid too many carbohydrates in the menu composition so that the fat metabolism is stimulated. The usual 60 per cent carbohydrates are replaced with vegetable and animal proteins and vegetables. As we completely reject artificial sweeteners, we are doing without desserts this week. Enjoy the menus to your heart's content, which have been specially put together for you and are always served.

Gluten-free and lactose-free diet at the Biohotel Schwarzwald

Intolerances and allergies have increased dramatically in recent years. Anyone affected by a food intolerance knows how difficult a hotel stay can be. At the Bio- & Wellnesshotel Alpenblick in Höchenschwand, however, you can enjoy a carefree holiday, without animal milk protein and completely gluten-free on request. And at a level that will make every gourmet rejoice.

Anyone with a gluten and/or milk allergy knows that in many hotels they immediately fall into the "difficult guest with many special requests" category and are often treated accordingly ungraciously.

What ends up on the plate often tastes correspondingly boring. Or - in the worst case - it is coated with a sauce that may not contain cream, but is bound with wheat flour and is therefore unpalatable.

At the Biohotel Schwarzwald you are in good hands, because healthy eating is an essential part of our wellness concept. Our kitchen is certified organic and well prepared for food allergy sufferers. Even the sponge bases of our Black Forest gateau are gluten-free and the cherry brandy is organic. If that's not good news for your Black Forest holiday!


Bio- and Wellnesshotel Alpenblick

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