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The proven healthy air and the most hours of sunshine per year in the whole of Germany - create the perfect setting for a healthy, active wellness holiday. Surrounded by lush meadows and forests, Höchenschwand is the perfect starting point for hikes and Nordic walking tours or enjoy the sun on our pool terrace with cosy sun loungers.

Would you like to go hiking in the Black Forest? Then you've come to the right place in the Southern Black Forest Nature Park. There are many varied and well signposted trails through an impressive and diverse landscape. Hike through mystical forests, across lush green meadows, past clear streams, romantic lakes and waterfalls. Look forward to a wide variety of plant and animal species and fantastic views of the Swiss Alps.

The tourist information centres of the Southern Black Forest have put together many beautiful Black Forest hiking tours in the interactive tour portal of the Southern Black Forest Holiday World, which can be printed out with a map and elevation profile and are available as a GPS download.

You can select your favourite route in the tour portal or create your very own hike with the tour planner.

In the award-winning hiking resort of Höchenschwand, you can experience something "on the move".


There is a lot to discover on the themed hiking trails in our region!


Go on a treasure hunt as a forest detective. With the help of a GPS device and by solving puzzles and secrets, you will find the way to the legendary treasure of the forest dwellers.


The Southern Black Forest Nature Park is a true cycling paradise. Whether by mountain bike over hill and dale and down the mountains, relaxed bike tours or exploring the region in comfort on an e-bike. There are many different routes to choose from, so you are sure to find the right one for you.

For a leisurely bike tour, we also recommend the flatter terrain on the High Rhine. Our tip: cycle to Waldshut on mostly sloping routes. You can then cover the strenuous ascent back on the cycle bus.

The hilly area around Höchenschwand is ideal for sporty cyclists and mountain bikers. In the Southern Black Forest Nature Park, mountain bikers will find an interconnected network of trails with standardised signposting and classification and in all levels of difficulty. Easily recognisable yellow signs with blue lettering mark the routes.

Alternatively, you can use one of the e-bikes, with light assistance for the steep climbs, during the tour through the Black Forest. The e-bike is a bicycle with an electric motor. At the touch of a button, you decide how much assistance you want. Depending on the topography, the battery lasts for 15 to 30 kilometres. If the battery is empty, simply ride to one of the numerous stations in the area and swap your empty battery for a charged one and continue on your e-bike tour. The Black Forest holiday region has set up a comprehensive network of charging stations. This means that longer tours are also possible. Over 170 charging stations guarantee an almost seamless supply for e-bikers.

E-bike rental:

Bike & Park at the Höchenschwand Tourist Information Centre

Bike hire in Höchenschwand:

Höchenschwand tourist information centre: MTB, e-bike and bike hire

MTB and Bike tour portal:

Suggestions and detailed tours for cyclists & mountain bikers

Health-orientated exercise is definitely aerobic full-body training. This means that the oxygen supply is sufficient and you are moving at the right heart rate for optimum combustion. Nordic walking is an effective full-body and endurance training programme originating from Finland. The walking technique is similar to cross-country skiing and is very easy to learn. If the Nordic walking technique is used correctly, 90% of the muscles are trained.

Our wellness trainers will take you on daily Nordic walking tours through the beautiful Black Forest landscape and will be happy to show you the correct Nordic walking technique, which is suitable for beginners and experienced walkers alike. Sticks and heart rate monitors can be borrowed free of charge from the Hotel Alpenblick. Our wellness trainers and reception staff will be happy to give you tips and descriptions of the best running and Nordic walking routes directly from the Wellnesshotel Alpenblick in Höchenschwand.


  • up to 90 % of the entire musculature is used (including arm-shoulder-back-chest muscles)
  • Relieves the musculoskeletal system by approx. 30 %, therefore particularly easy on the joints
  • Nordic walking relieves muscle tension in the shoulder and neck area
  • Ideal training for weight reduction
  • harmonious increase in fitness, improvement in cardiovascular performance and immune defence

Nordic Walking routes & tours:

Discover Nordic Walking routes & tours

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