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Environmental protection at the Biohotel Alpenblick

For a responsible use of resources

Our aim is to address environmentally relevant issues throughout the company with our own environmental committee, develop environmental protection targets and implement them promptly. All employees are informed annually about the new targets and receive topic-related training.

Our aim is for all employees (the entire company) to act as role models for our guests.

We have currently linked our environmental policy to our "in-house energy policy", which we take very seriously and are constantly working on energy-related innovations.

We act according to ecological, economic and human principles. We use raw materials sparingly, utilise environmentally friendly recycling processes and largely avoid the use of harmful products.

For us, environmental protection in the hotel means conserving resources and taking environmental impacts into account when planning measures, complying with and exceeding legal regulations and utilising future-oriented technologies.

In all our actions, we take into account the basic ideology and values of our corporate culture.

As part of our quality management, we work on continuous improvements, including the constant reduction of environmental pollution. Clear quantitative and qualitative environmental targets are defined and their achievement is regularly monitored. Regular internal audits and the environmental management assessment ensure continuous further development.

Our corporate concept is also based on the integration of all stakeholders and partners in the area of environmental management. Our employees are regularly trained and educated in all relevant areas, from accident prevention to proper waste disposal.

The important topic of waste has been at the top of our list for years. We not only separate waste but also try to avoid waste. We utilise the services of specialist companies for waste separation: For organic waste

Our environmental performance


We cook with induction and thus save 1/3 of the energy compared to cooking with gas.


Our CHP unit produces 20 KWh of electricity and 42 KWh of heat for our own consumption. The annual running time is over 8000 hours. Over 80 % of the electricity we produce is for our own use.

CHP means combined heat and power plant. The engine, which runs on liquid gas, drives a generator to produce electricity. The cooling water from the engine is used for hot water and the heating circuit at 85 degrees. As a result, we burn over 30,000 litres less heating oil per year.


We have equipped almost all the light sources throughout the building with LEDs. This saves 80 % of the energy. In the suite house, all light sources are LED.


The drinking water in Höchenschwand is genuine Black Forest spring water. We have fitted all taps with flow restrictors. This saves 23 % water consumption.


Water is a precious commodity, so that we don't waste it senselessly, 5 waterless urinals in the Alpenblick are equipped with membranes.


The plants in our garden need water to survive in summer. We therefore collect rainwater in a 500 litre wooden barrel.


Our game meat is not organic but of excellent quality and 100% from the region.


We bake our own bread from local spelt, rye or wheat flour.


Jams for breakfast taste delicious when they are made from organic fruit. We make all our own jams and ice creams for you.


Are there as many organic wineries as we have on the menu? We include many organic wineries from the region. Lake Constance, Kaiserstuhl, Markgräflerland and a little further away from Rheinhessen, the oldest organic winery in Germany, Weingut Sander.


Enjoying coffee at the Bio- & Wellnesshotel Alpenblick is a real pleasure, because not only is it made from 100% Arabica beans, it is also certified organic and traded according to Fair Trade standards, and we source it from the Schilling company in Hohrheim.


Waste avoidance and waste separation is an important topic for us. We sort glass, plastic, paper, kitchen waste, electronics and residual waste. We dispose of batteries and fluorescent tubes at special collection points.


Two of our diesel vehicles are equipped with urea filters in accordance with the Euro 6 standard. The hotel bus consumes only 6.9 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres and can transport up to 7 people including luggage.


We do not add chlorine solution to our swimming pool water. We use salt (NaCl) in electrolysis to produce sodium for pH equalisation and chlorite for disinfection. The liquids are then dosed directly into the pool water via PC-controlled pumps. So you never get red eyes and it is very beneficial for your skin.


The saunas are electronically controlled. Oxygen is an important issue in saunas. In order to avoid releasing heat to the outside unnecessarily via constantly running fans, the oxygen content in the cabin is constantly measured and then a fan is automatically switched on when oxygen is required.


All adjoining rooms in the hotel are equipped with motion detectors so that nobody ever forgets to switch off the lights. This means that no unnecessary energy is wasted.


At Christmas time, several thousand little lights illuminate the Alpenblick for two months from 4.30 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. and from 6.00 a.m. to 8.30 a.m. We produce the electricity for this ourselves with our CHP plant. The electricity costs less than one euro per 24 hours due to the use of LED fairy lights.


As an organic-certified hotel, we use over 80% organic food. Organic and regional is a challenge that our chef masters brilliantly.

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