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Hiking trails

Themed hiking trails around Höchenschwand

Immerse yourself in the Black Forest experience on a hike. In addition to historical local trails, other themed hikes are dedicated to forest life or mountain farmers.

Learn about the history of the region and the living and working conditions of yesterday and today. That's how exciting a hike can be when it is dedicated to a specific theme. We hope you enjoy hiking and discovering.

11 Villages Way

This varied 17.5 km hiking trail takes you along country lanes, through forests and eleven villages in the southern Black Forest.


Healing climate hiking trails

Höchenschwand is Germany's highest climatic health resort and therefore naturally the perfect starting point for the six physiologically and therapeutically rated climatic health hiking trails. The trails are easy on the joints and increase your physical performance and stamina.

Church and chapel path

Discover churches and chapels on the Höchenschwander Berg. Sacred buildings and contemplative chapels are the focus of the 22 km newly created themed hike.


Ham trail

On this 12 km hike, you will learn how the lives of farmers in the Black Forest have changed. For centuries, the farms produced their own ham, as well as almost all other foodstuffs. Take a short excursion into the history of Black Forest ham.

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